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Third Scene

Durriken, Lenon

Lenon was watching the resident ten war-orphaned children play behind the fortress, as per usual for afternoons. He sat on a bench, idly whittling odd shapes from stray sticks. One of the children came up behind him; she was no more than 6 years old and very set on watching his activity. He set his knife down and turned towards her. "What is it, Kaeli? Go back to playing. You don't belong around knives..." The girl giggled, not obeying him right away. "I just wanted to see what you were doing." Lenon laughed a bit. "I'm just making some ornaments for the doorways, that's all. But if you stick around, you might hurt yourself, so go on back to the others." He patted her on the head as she ran back to the other nine children.

Moments later, another person popped up from behind but this time, hopping over the bench and sitting beside Lenon. "Hello there, my friend!" Said the rather energetic Durriken, taking obvious immediate interest in what the other was doing, apparent when he crossed his legs and rested his hand in his chin as he gazed intently at the object he was making.

Lenon tensed up a bit upon hearing the sorcerer's voice. "Ah...where did you come from?!"

"Oh, your making those decorations again! They really do lighten the place up quite a bit, you're so talented at making those!" Durriken never did answer any personal questions, casual as they were, and instead responded with something else.

"Mmm.. Really, they're nothing." He momentarily turned his attention back to the children, making sure they weren't doing anything out of line.

"Well I think they're very nice." Durriken smiled, "Ah, it's a lovely day, isn't it?" He looked up at the blue sky, dabbed with clouds here and there.

Lenon nodded. "A very nice day." He smiled, glad to be among someone else who appreciated the world around him as much.

"Spring is definitely in the air." The dark-haired man held his hand out as if to touch the air around him. "Personally, my favorite season."

Lenon nodded. "It's certainly lovely. I think it's my favorite, too."

"It's been a while since I've been able to speak with you. I'm glad I have the chance again." He smiled, "So what do you do after you put the children to sleep?"

Lenon laughed. "What's that supposed to mean? I write a bit, then go to bed myself."

Durriken laughed, "I was just curious. I don't prod into people's minds or anything, you know." He teased before moving his gaze back to the children. "Ah, young love." He laughed, seeing two children that appeared to be flirting in a very innocent and cute way.

Lenon turned his attention to the two children Durriken was looking at. "Ah.. Kori and Theo." He smiled. "They came from the same town, so it's no wonder they're so close."

"I see. It's good they they're companions. Especially after losing their own parents..."

Lenon nodded solemnly. "They really keep one another in the highest of spirits. They always have. It's beautiful to see, really."

"They're lucky. Some orphans don't have that luxury..."


"In fact, most of them don't."

He sighed, shaking his head, "It's a shame, really..." He knew the feeling rather well. "So tell me, what do you write about before you sleep?" He changed the subject rather abruptly.

"Ah...mostly everything I've seen that day. Kind of like a journal, but not about myself."

"Very interesting..."

"Not really."

Durriken smiled at him, "I suppose it's a matter of a point of view."

"Everyone's interesting in your point of view, though, aren't they?" Lenon said with a smile that betrayed his imposing features. "You always seem like you have room enough to hear about anyone."

“Everyone is their own individual. There’s always something notable about each. Some more-so than others, but everyone has their place in the world.”


“What I find so fascinating about people are their motivations, their influences, and ultimately, the person they become because of it all. There’s a reason for everything, including how people came to be the way they are.” His playful eyes shifted back to the children. “Young and old, alike.”

Lenon nodded. "And it always changes." He looked back at the children as well, making sure they weren't doing eachother any harm.

“So!” Durriken changed the subject once more, shifting his position to face Lenon. “I anticipate being summoned for further information on our little problem here. But I really want to speak with you more. I find that we’re similar in many ways.” He smiled.

“Ah, you haven’t heard? There is a spy among us!” he exclaimed emphatically, using teasingly ‘spooky’ hand gestures.

Lenon rolled his eyes. "No, haven't heard yet....I always seem to be the last to know anything. I wonder who it is."
“I have clues, and unfortunately I could not get a direct answer so quickly. My powers were nearly completely exhausted when the commander asked me for help- you know, some late night sorcery can take it’s toll sometimes!” He laughed, “I will be able to find out specifically who it is shortly. Time is of most importance! But for now, dear Olivier and Ludovica are searching following the information I gave them.”

Lenon nodded, now deeply concerned, especially for the children. "I hope everything works out..."

The other leaned back, closing his eyes. “Yes… the problem will be resolved shortly with only one casualty- the culprit. Ah, but so sad, for she’s so young, ambitious… and hopeless.”

"If only it could be resolved with no casualties... Justice is justice, I suppose”

“As long as there is conflict, nothing will be easy.”

"This is true."

"But that doesn't mean you have to dwell on it either. Definitely not something that should control one's life." he smiled slightly, "Those who let it happen turn out to be miserable."

"No one should dwell on anything. There are no total losses unless our perspective makes it so."

“Lenon, I do believe you are one of the only people around here who understands this.” He laughed.

"Which surprises me sometimes." He laughed as well. "You'd think revolutionaries would have that attitude."

“Many unthinking people don’t like the idea of letting go of their problems, or taking charge of them. There are a few around here who believe they work better under stress, yet they only seem to get cantankerous!”

Lenon laughed. "So, so true."

“Well,” Durriken began, “I must tend to a few things, myself. You know where to find me. I really do mean it when I say I want to speak with you more.” He took the other’s hand, a bit flirtatiously, if not a bit forwardly.

Lenon blushed - he naturally had reddish skin, so it couldn't quite be seen, but the heat could be felt in his hand. He nodded a bit shakily. "Of course. I..I'd like to speak with you more, too."

“When you are free… come stop by.” He smiled, his dichromatic eyes examining Lenon’s own before slowly releasing his hand, standing up slowly to leave for once, rather than swiftly disappearing as usual.

"I will." He ran the hand Durriken had just released against his own cheek, and then used it to wave 'good-bye' to him.

Durriken simply smiled fondly at him, laughing softly, “I will see you then.”
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