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rot_und_gold's Journal

Red & Gold: A Fantasy Revolution RPG
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This is an RPG set in a semi-fantastical universe (NOT High Fantasy, think Japanese-made fantasy video games here) about a resistance movement against a tyrannical empire.

Synopsis: The rulers of the Maynard empire are corrupt and bloodthirsty. Millions of people are slaughtered because of the suspicions of the monarchy and aristocracy. On top of this, a mysterious disease runs rampant, and the government is doing nothing to stop it. In secret, the Redgold Organization banded together under Ludovica Scharrer to overthrow them. This is their story.

Other Things:

-The community name is "Red and Gold" in German. It would have been in English, but it and all other variations of it were reserved.

-The army has a fortress in the woods, equipped with everything a fortress should be equipped with (i.e. dining hall, beds, infirmary, prison cells, even a nursery for orphans.)

-Characters can be of either warlike occupations (Swordsmanship, Cavalry, Archery, Sorcerery, Strategy) or non-warlike (Scientific Research, Childcare, Medicine, Quarter-keeping, Cooking, Espionage/Reconnaisance, Supply Management) The first to apply to a certain occupation is the head of that occupation.

-Symptoms of the disease (called "Zero-sickness") include deterioration of sensory organs, decrease in body temperature, and internal bleeding.


-This plot was cooked up by fadetopaper and dark_schuldig. Thus, they are your moderators. They promise to be fair as long as you're respectful at all times. We'll have no AOL-chatbased-RP-esque snobbery/drama here. Any hint of such and you'll get banned.

-Once you fill out a handy little form (below the rules) for your character, e-mail it to the moderator (e-mail is listed above) for approval. Once you are approved, create a livejournal account for them and place the information from the profile in their userinfo. After this is done, please request to do a "recruitment" scene with one of the members.

-You may have up to 5 characters.

-Please have some modicum of intelligence, maturity, and creativity. If you seem like a barely lit bulb and your character is utterly generic, I will reject your application.

-Scenes are to be done over a messenger (or in a chat room if they consist of more than two characters), and posted in the community, FRIENDS-LOCKED, please. I have no patience for anything that might allow outside annoyances.

-You may kill off your characters, but there are restrictions on how many times you may do so. If you have four or five, you may kill off two. If you have two or three, you may kill off one. If you have only one, you may not kill him off unless you plan to drop out of the game altogether or plan to replace him.

-This game allows both heterosexual and homosexual relationships between characters, if you have problems with -any- kind of love, you might as well not bother playing here.

-Every now and then, there will be battles carried out in a chatroom. Obviously, Imperial soldiers, generals, etc are non-player. At this point in time, they will be conducted as follows:
At the beginning of each battle, there will be a set amount of "points" that have to be eliminated for both armies. One of the moderators will roll a set of four dice to determine how many points are taken off each side at each turn. Whichever side loses all their points first loses the battle. Both the players and the moderator will write the outcomes of each turn. (i.e. describe the actions taken, damage done, etc.)

Character Profile Form

Why Did They Join The Resistance?:



Ludovica Scharrer (commanderludi)


-Head: Olivier Beaux-Rousseau (olivier_the_5th)

-Head: Leona "Leo" Breyerhof (briarlioness)

-Head: OPEN

-Head: Durriken Laieshi (mercurialaieshi)

-Head: OPEN

-Head: OPEN

-Head: OPEN

-Head: OPEN

-Head: Theresa Greenstone (theresa_vii)

-Head: Lenon Karlsen (brotherlenon)

-Head: Rose Foss (onecrimsonrose)

Supply Management:
-Head: Gregory Goldsborough (Temporary NPC)