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Second Scene

Rose, Leona

Rose had to find this other spy before she was blamed for the badge that had been dropped. Knowing she was the prime suspect, she sought out to find that other spy. Just why did the empire believe she needed help? Wasn't she good enough?
Rose had interrogated a few young women before deciding to do the same to Leona, the archer. Not being able to find her in the building, she went to the woods instead, figuring she must have been practicing. It took her some time but finally she spotted her, pausing a moment to watch her.

Leona was not practicing, rather, she was sitting against a tree with a target nailed to it, reading a book on birds. She thought she heard someone walking, and called out "Is someone there?"

The redhead continued forward, "Yes, it's me." She said, making herself visible to the other. She eyed the other, wondering if she could have been the other spy. "I've got a few questions to ask you."

Leona gave her a puzzled look, wondering what the other woman could possibly want to ask her, considering they only barely knew one another. "Yes? "

"I'm sure you heard about the recent disturbance." Rose crossed her arms, her expression completely serious.

Leona frowned. "Yes, and I am most disturbed indeed."

"Then I wouldn't suppose you know anything about it, do you?" Her voice was harsh and a bit accusing. At this point, Rose couldn't help but suspect this one more than the other women she spoke with.

Leona knew no reason why she was being spoken to in this way. "No... All I know is that when they're captured, I'd like to be the one to execute them." She wrung her hands.

"Hmph." Rose grunted, "Really." Who else could it be? She was sure the other females that she spoke to so far were not the spies- she'd be able to tell. But Rose hardly knew Leona and was subjecting her to her nasty side.

"Excuse me, but what is wrong?" Leona said, growing quickly impatient with Rose's attitude.

"I have reason to believe that you are the spy." Rose said flatly.

Leona was outraged at the very idea that anyone would accuse her of working for the government she despised so much. "Why?" she said angrily.

"I've spoken to most of the females who haven't already been spoken to by the others and you're one of the only ones left. You've always seemed suspicious to me, after all."

Leona stood up, clenching her hands tightly. "What makes me so suspicious?"

"As head of espionage, I can say I know just about everyone pretty well- you're one of the only people who I never got to know very well, and I assume you chose to make it that way. It is important that I keep everybody safe here." Rose's voice was still accusing and condescending. "Please don't take it personally if you turn out not to be the spy, even I was accused of such a thing. But at this point, you seem to be the most likely person."

"You've only been here for a week or so. I doubt you know everyone as well as you say you do. In fact, I think you're pretty suspicious."

"Turning the blame on me, is that how you plan to go about your logic?"

"I'm not blaming you, as it's no responsibility of mine, I'm just saying that I've always thought you were shady."

"Well, even if you were the spy, I have no proof. But I am keeping my eye on you, Leona."

"And mine on you."

Rose sneered at the other woman before turning to leave her, even more frustrated than she was when she first started out.
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